PIMISA Search Software for rapid, confident identification of drugs of abuse by direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS)

The software operates together with the DART-equipped Waters ACQUITY® QDa detector.   Using multiple ion fragmentation conditions for each analyte, the software matches a set of spectra against the drug spectral library developed in collaboration with Cayman Chemical, a leading supplier of standard reference materials for forensic laboratories.   The user interface features a simple red/green readout to confirm identity of the drugs.  

The industry-standard swab sampling allows for surfaces, powders or liquids to be analyzed.  The swab is inserted into the instrument, desorbed with a pulse of heat, and analyzed in seconds by DART-MS.  The spectra are then automatically interrogated for match against the spectral database.  The simplicity of the method as well as the straightforward user interface decreases the need for extensive training, allowing the platform to be utilized in a wide range of laboratory environments.