PIMISA Search Software for Rapid, Confident Identification of Compounds by DART-MS

PIMISA (Primary Ion Middle Ion Structural Analysis) is our software designed to operate together with the DART-equipped Waters ACQUITY® QDa detector. Using multiple ion fragmentation conditions for each analyte, the software matches a set of spectra against the drug spectral library developed in collaboration with Cayman Chemical, a leading supplier of standard reference materials for forensic laboratories. The user interface features a simple red/green readout to confirm the identity of the compounds. 


Features of PIMISA Include:

  • Automated post data acquisition analysis

  • Provides a simple red light, green light visual display of results

  • High confidence identifications of targeted and untargeted compounds

  • Create custom DART-MS libraries

  • Supplied with a library with over 1000 drug compounds including the most recent emerging drugs


Simple Red/Green Light Display

Compound identification results can be displayed in a red/green light manner to quickly determine whether something passes or fails inspection.



Spectral Interpretation Display

PIMISA also provides a more comprehensive view of the results featuring:

  • Total Ion Chromatogram (TIC)
  • Reconstructed Ion Chromatogram (RIC)
  • Detected hits and their match score
  • Mass spectral comparison between sample spectra and library spectra




Swab and Detect with PIMISA 

The industry-standard swab sampling allows for surfaces, powders or liquids to be analyzed.  The swab is inserted into our thermal desorber (TD), desorbed with heat, and analyzed in seconds by DART-MS.  The spectra are then automatically interrogated for a match against the spectral database.  The simplicity of the method as well as the straightforward user interface decreases the need for extensive training, allowing the platform to be utilized in a wide range of laboratory environments.

Watch the video below to see how it all works.

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