24-Pin Sampler

Increase your DART-MS sample throughput with the 24-Pin Sampler for liquid and solid residue samples. Each small diameter metal pin collects a small volume of sample formatted to permit transfer from the wells of a SBS-384 format well plate to the DART-MS for analysis. The linear rail for sample introduction of the DART-MS presents each pin at a constant speed for analysis.

The metal pins are easily cleaned with solvents that are appropriate for removal of the sample after analysis, such as methanol, water, acetonitrile, as well as acid or base solutions. It only takes seconds to clean in between sample runs, allowing this 24-Pin Sampler the benefit of reusability. An equivalent 12-Pin Sampler is also available.


See our 24-Pin Sampler Video for more info:

Our Craft Beer Analysis video features the 24-Pin Sampler as well!

You don't have to only sample liquids with this sample introduction module. See our app note on using the 24-Pin Sampler for collection of solid residue off of raw meat and burgers as one example. 

Characterization and Authentication of Meat with DART-MS and Chemometric Modeling

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