Direct Analysis in Real Time is already an easy way to complete ambient pressure desorption ionization MS. Our SVP Controller makes operating your source easier by setting voltage, gas, and pressure for the DART® Cartridge, so all you do is select an ion polarity, temperature, and position your sample for successful analysis.

Optimized Settings:

The SVP controller takes the guess work out of setting up your DART® by coming preloaded with the optimal settings.

Simplified Control:

The SVP-Wireless accessory with iPod® touch makes operating your DART® a breeze. Select a preloaded method or create your own and you can run your experiment with on / off control.

If you want to use a PC, the only system requirement is a web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. No software installation required! The DART-SVP can be connected to your network to enable remote control and monitoring. Check the status of your experiment from your office.

DART® Experiment Modules

DART® technology simplifies the analysis of samples in a wide range of disciplines by removing sample preparation and providing results in seconds. Our experiment blocks were designed to make your setup time just as quick and easy. 

Experiment modules are available for the DART®-SVP or a DART-OS with OS-Auto upgrade. 

See our available Experiment Modules under DART-SVP
  • 12 DIP-it® Holder- This module easily attaches and detaches in seconds allowing for multiple rows of samples rapidly.
  • Tablet Carrier- Production of devices customized to position your tablet can be completed for a fee, contact us for details about this service.
  • TLC Plate Holder- This holder attaches to the linear rail, which can scan your sample at a constant rate.
  • Adjustable Tweezer Base
  • 3+D Scanner- for analysis of chemicals present on surfaces.