DART®-QDa for Waters® QDa detector

DART for Waters QDa detector

In collaboration with Waters Corporation we have interfaced DART technology to the compact QDa detector.  The combined product provides an easy-to-use analysis system with built in thermal profile mass analysis (TPMA) capability offered in the DART SVP version.   DART for the QDa is available in three configurations

DART Source for the QDa– The DART SVP or DART-OS source can be added to your existing Waters QDa detector.

Lab-Mobile DART-QDa – This is a mobile system for use in your laboratory or other settings with hood ventilation.  The mobile unit integrates everything you need for high-quality rapid mass analysis on a single industrial-strength cart. 

DART-QDa with PIMISA - This system features PIMISA, our software developed to work with the DART-QDa for rapid compound identification and characterization.

DART-QDa with LiveID system – This system is provided by Waters and targets applications where rapid fingerprinting is needed such a food authenticity.  It features the QuickStrip™ Sample Cards for simple sampling and automated analysis.


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