DART-OS is our basic direct analysis in real time source with an enclosed ionization region. The OpenSpot module that comes with this source facilitates reproducible sample analysis when used with our simple  OpenSpot® sample card. Designed to retain either powders or liquids the consumable card serves to guide your sample into exactly the right position for successful analysis. After a few seconds the card is removed and discarded, leaving no solvent or vials to send out for disposal. The DART®-OS source utilizes Transmission mode DART® ionization by passing the heated carrier gas through the sample held on the screen of the OpenSpot® Card. DART®-OS has no moving parts, you simply mount it on your MS unit, start the VAPUR pump, turn on the source and go.

Want to analyze objects such as tablets, plant materials or other surfaces? The OpenSpot module can be removed in seconds leaving an open ionization region where you can position your sample for analysis. 


Features of the  DART®-OS include:     

  • An enclosed desorption ionization region for containing vapors and minimizing sample contamination

  • Reproducible sample positioning for improved quantitation

  • Easy-to-implement dopant methods for ionizing or derivatizing challenging samples

  • Simplified hardware for quickly mounting and dismounting to your LC/MS 


Watch the video below to see how the DART-OS works.


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