SPE-it™ Tips

SPE-it Tips are solid phase microextraction devices configured to permit isolation of analytes from aqueous solutions and then direct analysis without further sample processing. The fiber tips are SPME fibers embedded in a micropipette tip for easy handling. The fiber coating is composed of either

C18 or PDMS-DVB bonded silica particles embedded in a biocompatible polymer. Because the tips are commonly used with biological fluids, it is recommended that each tip only be used for one sample. The tips can be manipulated manually or by robotic equipment. The SPE-it tips are shipped in a 96-well format tray.


SPE-it Kit Product Note



To aid in sampling, we offer an easy to use kit with everything needed to start analyzing samples right away. The DART SPE-it kit comes with the following:

  • A box of 96 SPE-it fibers (C18 or PDMS/DVB)
  • Deep Well Plate shaker
  • 2 SPE-it™ holders (Holds 12 fibers) and module for use with DART automation hardware
  • 1 SPE-it™ Kit Place Mat w/instructions
  • 5 x 96 well plates provided with initial kit

Additional fibers can be purchased separately in 8 pack units.




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