DART for Forensics

Forensic labs are improving throughput and eliminating backlog by using DART-MS. Presentation of sample and standards requires just seconds per sample to determine the quantity and quality of seized narcotics and OTC drugs of abuse. Emerging drugs such as synthetic cannabinoids and bath salts and most recently synthetic opioids are easily detected and identified with confirmation using simple mass spectrometry methods and comparison with NIST library standards. Explosives, arson, counterfeit currency, tax stamps and even drugs in body fluids present no problem for the DART equipped laboratory. The new mobile DART permits a more aggressive sampling protocol for analysis of contaminated meth production facilities wherever they may be.




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A Review of Recent Forensic Applications of DART-MS

NIST published a review of forensic applications of DART-MS using recent literature. This review highlights the increasing need for rapid analytical tools and chemical analyses in forensic laboratories and research demonstrating the utility of DART-MS for forensically relevant samples over the past five years.

Here are a few forensic applications highlighted in the review:

  • Seized drugs (traditional drugs, NPS, psychoactive plants, e-liquids, steroids, and supplements)
  • Toxicology
  • Explosives, gunshot residue/propellants, and fire debris/ignitable liquids
  • Inks and documents, and automotive paint
  • Lubricants
  • Regulated species identification and classification

Click here to see a review by NIST of the recent literature on forensic applications of DART-MS!


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