App Notes

Real and Synthetic Urine by DART-SPME

Authors: IonSense

Urine has long been the sample of choice for drug screening of employers and law enforcement investigators. This of course has led to ...

Detecting Explosives

Authors: Brian Musselman

To demonstrate DART®'s ability to detect explosives in complex matrices, a sample of pond water was spiked with mixture ...

Gunshot Residue, Negative Ions

Authors: Brian Musselman

Negative Ion mass spectrum of Gunshot Residue (GSR) shows significant ions related to nitroglycerin and other materials.

DART® Detection of Fingerprints

Authors: Brian Musselman

Experiment: Apply one microgram of TNT to a fingertip. Make successive fingerprints on ABS plastic. Analyze plastic using DART.

Diesel fuel from an arson scene

Authors: Brian Musselman

DART® enables sampling directly from solid surfaces such as carpet fiber and tires.

Trace components in vapor can be easily ...