App Notes

Green Tea Analysis with DART

Authors: IonSense

Antioxidants present if Green Tea are believed to slow aging, reduce heart attack, stroke and cancer risk. Large quantities of ...

Rapid Characterization of an Energy Drink using DART® and QuEChERS Sample Prep

Authors: Jordan Krechmer, Elizabeth Crawford, Brian Musselman
What’s in 5-hour ENERGY?

Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART®) of 5-hour Energy Chaser can be complete by directly ...

Mustard Powder

Authors: Elizabeth Crawford

• Mix 1% Mustard Powder with Magnetite
• Vortex 30 seconds
• Deposit 3mg aliquot on glass slide
• ...

Rapid Characterization of Pesticides Spiked in Apple Juice using DART®-MS of Juice

Authors: Jordan Krechmer, Elizabeth Crawford, Brian Musselman
Open Air Desorption Ionization of Apple Juice

DART®-MS analysis of Apple Juice is facilitated by using Experiment modules ...

Rapid Screening of Edible Oils Using Triacylglycerols and Fatty Acid Distributions

Authors: Jordan Krechmer
In their recent publication, Ambient mass spectrometry employing direct analysis in real time (DART®) ion source for olive oil quality ...