App Notes

Fragmentation of Pharmaceuticals with DART-MS-MS

Authors: IonSense

Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals contain active ingredients, which, if incorrectly measured or selected, could significantly impact the ...

Real and Synthetic Urine by DART-SPME

Authors: IonSense

Urine has long been the sample of choice for drug screening of employers and law enforcement investigators. This of course has led to ...

Reaction Monitoring, Methylation of Indole

Authors: Brian Musselman
Simplify reaction monitoring over time with instant feedback. Here we compare LC/MS data showing the relative concentration of the ...

Thermal Profiling of Tablets

Authors: Brian Musselman

The DART® SVP features the automated sampling stage that permits repetitive scanning across a single sample or set of samples as ...

Matrix effects, Ionization of Warfarin from various solvents

Authors: Brian Musselman

So called matrix effects often dictate that samples be analyzed by LC/MS since their presence with analyte leads to inefficient ...

Dynamic Range in Thermal Profiling of Tablets

Authors: Brian Musselman

In order to investigate the dynamic range of to DART® for Tablet analysis we used the Temperature Profiling Method to analyze both ...

Monitoring in Drug Discovery

Authors: Brian Musselman, Chris Petucci, Jason Diffendal, David Kaufman, Belew Mekonnen, Gene Terefenko
Discovery Analytical Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, Wyeth Research, Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426, and IonSense, Saugus, ...

Tylenol Cold Tablet

Authors: Elizabeth Crawford

Nighttime Caplet
– Acetaminophen
• 325 mg/caplet
– Phenylephrine HCl
• 5 mg/caplet