App Notes

Phthalate Fragmentation With DART-MS

Authors: IonSense

Plasticizers have become a staple in the production of consumer products, home improvement supplies, and almost any synthetic plastic ...

Reaction Monitoring, Methylation of Indole

Authors: Brian Musselman
Simplify reaction monitoring over time with instant feedback. Here we compare LC/MS data showing the relative concentration of the ...

Inhaler Spray Formulation Analysis

Authors: Brian Musselman

Rapid determination of formulations can be accomplished by using the DART®-SVP TLC paper holder to scan the sample after it has ...

Matrix effects, Ionization of Warfarin from various solvents

Authors: Brian Musselman

So called matrix effects often dictate that samples be analyzed by LC/MS since their presence with analyte leads to inefficient ...

Detecting Explosives

Authors: Brian Musselman

To demonstrate DART®'s ability to detect explosives in complex matrices, a sample of pond water was spiked with mixture ...

Gunshot Residue, Negative Ions

Authors: Brian Musselman

Negative Ion mass spectrum of Gunshot Residue (GSR) shows significant ions related to nitroglycerin and other materials.