We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Please send cover letter and resume to: Sheila Emmons at [email protected] 


Division/Department: Operations

Location: Saugus, MA

Reports to: VP of Operations

Title: Inventory/Procurement Specialist


  • You work calmly and effectively in situations under pressure and to manage time effectively in a changing environment.
  • You are flexible and able to operate in an “all hands on deck” environment
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills and a high-level attention to detail.

Job Functions:

  • Implementation of Sage100C
    • Oversee transition to Sage100C as company ERP system
    • Oversee integration of Sage100C with SalesForce by an outside consultant
    • Design and implement process changes, leveraging Sage100C capabilities, to improve efficiency and throughput for procurement, inventory, and shipping
  • Procurement
    • Preparation of all purchase orders with follow through to delivery
    • Develop, lead, and implement ongoing process improvement strategies to streamline sourcing and procurement to ensure that sourcing initiatives are aligned with organizational business plans and performance objectives
    • Develop and maintain supplier relationships
    • Effectively negotiate long term procurement agreements and oversee pricing of purchased items
    • Assist in the development and implementation of short/long term strategic sourcing plans
  • Inventory
    • Maintain oversight of inventory levels and activity to identify critical and recurring issues and drive the issues towards resolution
    • Select and oversee the implementation of a Sage 100C inventory control system
    • Perform detailed receiving and cycle counts researching all variances; identify exceptions and shrinkage, during routine monthly inventory taking
  • Shipping
    • Create, maintain, and distribute schedule for all shipments
      • Orders, conferences, demos, product development
    • Maintain relationships with shipping vendors
    • Create Packing Lists for shipments
    • Develop, track, and improve processes for shipping
    • Identify long term plans for shipping and receiving larger volume of product



  • Microsoft Office
  • Thorough knowledge of Sage 100C preferred but not required
  • Knowledge of SalesForce ideal, but not required
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience in purchasing/procurement preferably in a manufacturing and/or start-up like environment
  • Knowledge of vendor pricing schemes, variations in the financial terms of contracts, service models, contract standards, and other business practices
  • Knowledge in international shipping, customs, and import/export



Division/Department: Engineering

Location: Saugus, MA

Job title: Product Engineering Manager

Reports to: CEO


IonSense, Inc. is the leading provider of Open Air Ionization sources, systems and

integrated solutions for the Mass Spectrometry marketplace. Headquartered in Saugus,

MA, the company manufactures, sells and markets the DART® (Direct Analysis in Real

Time) ionization source, the first open air ionization product to be patented and sold

commercially. Because we are a small company, the candidate will need to be flexible

and able to operate with an “all hands-on deck” attitude, wearing many hats at once.

They will need to work effectively in situations while under pressure and manage their

time efficiently in a changing environment. They must have excellent verbal and written

communication skills, a high-level attention to detail and able to prioritize in an ever

changing environment.

Ionsense, Inc. offers it’s employees a great benefit package, including health insurance,

short term/long term disability, life, 401K with employer match, PTO and a professional


Job Functions

  1. Manages product engineering through all phases: development, launch, production, and termination
  2. Works with upper management and stakeholders to complete product definition, goals, deliverables, and assess resources required to develop and maintain those products
  3. Enables production by managing developing designs from marketing input and manage product from initial testing through to launch
  4. Complete proper documentation for transfer of designs to production and subcontractors where appropriate.
  5. Determine if external consultants and contractors will be required to complete project plan. If required, work with management to recruit and manage those consultants to keep those sub-contractors on time while controlling activities and project cost
  6. Monitor and interact with applications and customers when appropriate to understand and implement products to meet their requirements
  7. Lead, coach and motivate product engineering personnel on a proactive basis
  8. Interface with applications, finance, sales, production and quality management departments identifying when and what resources are required to meet your goals
  9. Define and implement sufficient quality management practices within the Engineering Department
  10. Identify and Resolve any issues throughout product lifecycles
  11. Develop tools and best practices for project management and execution
  12. Safely terminate and re-prioritize projects based on the companies goals




Education & work experience:

  • 4 year- Engineering degree,
  • 5 year’s work experience in engineering or project management
  • Good communication, leadership, problem solving and analytical skills
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Experience in capital equipment development